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Why should I take NPD’s parking service?

Our parking places mostly cover Bangkok’s main business areas and are near MRT or BTS stations with various facilities that you can choose at your convenience.

How do I book a parking reservation from this website?

Once you look over the details and finally found your ideal parking place, you can contact us directly by calling us or inquire through our contact form and our staffs will help proceeding your reservation.

Does your parking lots provide any facilities?

The facilities provided in each parking place are different. You can check each of the building’s facilities directly for the detail pages.

I have a free parking space and am interested in renting out?

If you’re interested in renting out your parking space, please send the details, photographs and the capacity to our contact form, or you can call our staffs directly from this number : 02-237-2353

How can I be sure about the safety and your security system

NPD Thailand assure you that we operate our business in the same standard as our Japan’s HQ branch. We’ve been running our parking development business for over 20 years since our first establishment in 1991.